Should I Buy Glow in the Dark Shoelaces Or Paint Them?

i dont know y u would want glow in the dark shoe laces unless ur going to a party or wearing ur shoes to bed...but i would deff buy not paint them!!!!!

Should I Buy Glow in the Dark Shoelaces Or Paint Them? 1

1. black or red shoelaces in these nike dunk shoes ? (pics included)?

i would wear the red with them they are hotter!

2. What is a good "green" alternative to yarn, stitching, lacing, shoelaces, etc.?

its gonna be hemp and its not going anywhere..people see the word hemp and thats it...too many straight lace i do no wrong people the world

Should I Buy Glow in the Dark Shoelaces Or Paint Them? 2

3. How do you clean shoelaces?

Soak them in a container of water and a little bit of bleach. Not too much bleach though. Then throw them in the wash. Or just wash them by hand. I think soap or detergent is ok

4. where to get Nike Sb shoelaces?

For some reason, Nike SB does not sell their shoelaces (they should, since a lot of people would buy them). eBay is the only place that I've seen SB-esque laces (they are knockoffs) for sale.

5. ever used shoelaces or strings to tie a ponytail ?

yes i have used it before to give extra support

6. Should I wear socks with my new Converse slip ons that have no shoelaces or should I go sockless?

It depends.. They might look super cute without socks, but if you do not wear socks (well if you have athletes foot) they end up smellilng bad and wear out easier. Although personally I would rather look cute and have smelly shoes than look nerdy and have good smelling shoes

7. How do I clean white shoelaces on white shoes without removing the laces?

Why would you NOT want to remove shoelaces when you clean them? That's THE ONLY WAY TO GET them 100% cleaned. You can wash them with a bar of soap, with your hands, the same way you wash a DISH CLOTH. Or stick them in the washing machine along with the whites in your laundry.

8. How do you teach your kids to tie their own shoelaces?

I started my kids out by teaching them to tie the shoes without actually putting them on their feet. It is easier if they learn without having to work around their knees and if they can put the shoe wherever they like

9. 100 shoelaces, pick 2 random ends and tie them together, what is the probability that a loop is created?

You forgot that also, the choosing of a particular shoelace does not matter, so you need to also multiply by $100$.You calculated the probability that a loop is created with one particular shoelace, and there are $100$ of them and you do not care which one forms the loop

10. How to tie Vans shoes shoelaces under the tongue?

How To Tie Vans Shoelaces

11. how do i tie my shoelaces in a "fasionable" way?

Well, you could get really long laces and bring them up from your shoes and stretch them up over your head and tie them in a bow. It may not be fashionable, but it would be interesting

12. how can i colour/dye my white shoelaces?

Rit fabric dye, comes in lots of colors, follow the directions on the box

13. What is the modern day general consensus of a man born in the 1920s who will not bend down to tie his shoelaces in public but instead gets his secretary to do it for him?

"old dude with a bad back"

14. You know those little ends on shoelaces - the hard part that holds your shoelace together?

The small plastic or metal sheath on the end of shoelaces that keeps the twine from unraveling is called an aglet (or aiglet)

15. How do you tie your shoelaces?

I tie mine with magic!!! I say abracadabra!!!

16. Are shoelaces really strong enough to support a body (say 85kgs)?

I am sure you could easily choke yourself or the coat hooks would come out of the wall. Do not be silly

17. Can you fix the metal eyelets on shoelaces?

You can take them back, and simply say you just noticed they were missing the minute you first put them on. Make it seem like it was not your fault. Just make sure they are clean and tidy. Or you can find something like it at a craft store (Michaels, or even a hardware store) and use a Q-Tip and Krazy Glue

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