Related Questions of Shoelaces

Considering that Shoelaces may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about Shoelaces for you to get started.

Related Questions of Shoelaces 1

1. how do you tie your shoelaces like this?

u just tie them like u normally would, just do it under the tongue of the shoe

2. Have you ever had shoes without shoelaces?

Many-all the way from my pink velcro Beauty and the Beast shoes when I was a little kiddy to the sandals I am wearing now (brown Roman-looking zip heels)

Related Questions of Shoelaces 2

3. How do you teach your kids to tie their own shoelaces?

you show them ! but when you first teach kids you have to teach them tie their shoes by making two loops and tie them together instead of the one loop one

4. How do you lace double tongue shoelaces?

i have same shoes =D just tie the white 1ns normally Then the black ones normally THats what i did XD

5. ever used shoelaces or strings to tie a ponytail ?

I've used ribbons and scarves in the past, but I found that for me it did not work unless I had an elastic underneath it

6. My Converse have Ducky shoelaces What do yours Have : )?

lol i just have plain white shoelaces

7. Who invented shoelaces and how to tie them?

me, of course!

8. does anyone know where i can get a pair of reversible shoelaces for my hi top converses?

Shoe store

9. What are these sticky thing that are found on shoelaces.?

we call them cacleberries, yummy

10. Is this how you feel when you stop to tie your shoelaces, but you're friends just keep going?

Wow. Yes, but they do not leave me that often. When they do I do feel like that :(

11. What is the modern day general consensus of a man born in the 1920s who will not bend down to tie his shoelaces in public but instead gets his secretary to do it for him?

Quaint phraseology written out of context for the time and period.A man in the 1920s would have had more respect for a secretary as a woman to have her do something menial like this. There was lots of what was called 'woman's work' that was acceptable but personal tasking and grooming wasnt one of them. It was usually considered crossing the line.What is the modern day general consensus of a man born in the 1920s who will not bend down to tie his shoelaces in public but instead gets his secretary to do it for him?

12. Who invented the small plastic covering outside of shoelaces? And what is the plastic covering called?

can not believe you thought to ask that

13. Shoelaces stuck in washing machine?

hey its ok......just forget it.......if ur mom aks u just tell her the truth ....she will understand...after all shes ur MOTHER..........hey so today ur gonna get ur report card...wish u all the luck...hope u have performed well

14. You know those little ends on shoelaces - the hard part that holds your shoelace together?

They are called *threaders* because the purpose of them is to easily thread through the shoe holes. Wish thread would be as easy through a needle..hahaha !

15. Trivia Fun: The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called what?

A aiglet, I think lol

16. Where can I buy patterned shoelaces?


17. How do you clean shoelaces?

just wash them with your hands scrub really hard though

18. How can I keep white shoelaces clean?

Simple, take them out every so often and just get a bar of soap out, give them a good scrub and rinse... and let them dry! :)

19. Can I wear rainbow shoelaces or is that gay?

You can wear whatever you want. If you were to wear red shoelaces that does not mean you are a communist

20. How do you tie your shoelaces?

Loafers (my secret is out!)

21. English bulldog puppy chews on all shoelaces is there anything that can be done?

Try Grannick's Bitter Apple spray. My sister used it on her cat, who had a tendency to chew on computer cables, and it worked like a charm

22. Should I buy glow in the dark shoelaces or paint them?

i dont know y u would want glow in the dark shoe laces unless ur going to a party or wearing ur shoes to bed...but i would deff buy not paint them!!!!!

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