How Often Do You Wash Your Bath Towel?

I wash it may be once in a month, but i always put it under the sun so that there is no smell or germs. Does it really become that bad to be washed more frequently ? I do'nt think so

How Often Do You Wash Your Bath Towel? 1

1. POLL: How many times do you use your bath towel to dry off before you decide it's time for a clean one?

Until my husband comes and washes it. Hey when I get out of the shower, I should technically be the cleanest thing in my house!!!! :)

2. Trying to conserve water/energy. How many times should you reuse a bath towel before washing?

In my house we change the towels when they start feeling wet because they are not drying well. This is usually every 3rd or 4th wash. However, for flannels, we both use a new one every wash

How Often Do You Wash Your Bath Towel? 2

3. After using your bath towel do you wash it or use it again?

We use our bath towels several times before washing them. Same for my "just hair" towel and our babies' towels. After all, it IS clean water you are drying off, is not it? ;) Plus, it really is too wasteful to launder them all the time like some people do. It's not very "eco-friendly", either. Think about all the water, energy and waste we use when we do our regular laundry. Why add to it more than we have to? Towels are clean, they just need to be hung to dry. Throw them in the wash about every other week, and then hang out to dry (if you can) and you will be just fine! The only towels I recommend washing regularly are hand towels and kitchen towels, since they catch a lot of germs and bacteria.

4. If your EX turned into a BATH TOWEL what would you do?

It would be a bath mat, not a towel

5. Am i wasteful for only using a bath towel once after a shower and not reusing it?

After you shower, presumably your physique is smooth. The towel is just absorbing water. When you cling the towel appropriately, it will air dry smooth as good. This method can final you a towel for at least a week between washings. In case you have been to wash your towel day-to-day, it could be a tremendous waste of water, detergent, and power. However, if you throw a moist towel in a lump on the ground, there is not any air to dry it and it will get musty and even mouldy if left long ample

6. How long do you use your bath towel before washing it?

i use mine to times if your clean then it not going to get dirty

7. Bath Towel Odors! Even after i was them w/ amonia, they start smell musty a day or two after we use them!?

I use Borax with my detergent for my towels. And after you use one hang it up immediately. Hope this helps!

8. where can i find a bath towel in seoul?

Just about.... anywhere! South Korea is famously known for bath houses so I am guessing they have bath towels everywhere. It should be in the local supermarkets (which is everywhere)

9. Why is re-using a bath towel bad?

It is gross to wash it only once a week! Some of us like to have cleaner towels then others. I do know some people who use a towel for 2 days then wash it, to reduce the amount of laundry. It is not really "gross" to use a towel twice, but using for 7 days is gross because a wet towel will start growing mold. I recommend you start using a towel only 2 days in a row and then get a fresh towel. Apparently your friend visiting is the type, like me, who prefers to use a fresh towel daily. When I had to go to a laundramat I used my towels 2 times then it went in the hamper.

10. Is it more green to use a bath towel or several paper towels to wipe down gym equipment?

Of course a towel. The easiest way to be green is reuse and by using a towel you can reuse it. Once you use paper towel sure you can recycle it but remember to produce paper there is a lot of energy used so why waste a lot of paper, when you can use one towel and then reuse it? Hope this helps!

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