How Do You Tie Shoelaces?

bunny ears!! never got the whole loop and twist thing

How Do You Tie Shoelaces? 1

1. Whats a good way to clean my shoelaces?

yeah, chuck em in washer

2. Is wearing two different shoelaces ok?

Oh that looks preety cool! And yeah totally! And iwear it with my nike blazer sbs one lace is purple and the other is white;)

How Do You Tie Shoelaces? 2

3. how do you tie your shoelaces like this?

Why would you ever want your shoes looking like THAT?

4. How do you clean shoelaces?

I would actually hand wash them in the sink in really warm water with dish soap or a little bit of real detergent

5. Who invented shoelaces and how to tie them?

I think they are a logical off-shoot of the laces on a corset

6. What do you call those little plastic things on the end of shoelaces?

An aglet or aiglet is a small plastic or metal sheath typically found on the ends of shoelaces, cords and drawstrings. Aglets keep the fibers from unraveling, and their firmness and narrow profile make them easier to hold and feed through the eyelets, lugs or other lacing guides of the lace or cord. The word "aglet" (or "aiglet") comes from Old French "aguillette" (or "aiguillette"), which is the diminutive of "aguille" (or "aiguilee"), meaning "needle". This in turn comes from "acus", the original Latin word for needle. An aglet is thus like a small "needle" at the end of a cord.

7. Cool things to put on shoelaces for basketball games?

jonathan, can we have sex please what is your phone number

8. has somebody ever tied your shoelaces together?

when i was little and knew how to tie my own laces, but would refuse to, dad would tie them together and then i would try to kick him for it and would jerk my feet out from under myself. it seems really funny now, but it used to make me soooooo mad

9. If i ride a tricyle up hill while eating a bagel and doing a handstand, how many shoelaces will i need...?

my balls hurt but I still like peanut butter

10. GS: Do you know how to tie your own shoelaces?

I use velcro

11. where Can i get glow in the dark shoelaces ?

Check out Hot Topic or Journeys... Hope that helps!

12. How can I clean my shoelaces?

Well... have you tried just washing them with soap and water?? If that doesnt work then your just gonna have to buy new ones...

13. Where can I buy patterned shoelaces?


14. What are different ways to wear shoelaces?

I am just going to list what pops into my mind... tie them around your wrists, tie it around your neck as a necklace, use it as a bando/headbands, tie your hair with it, make a shoelace key chain and attach it to the ring..ummm if you wear glasses, you could wrap them around the sides like a spiral?

15. how do i tie my shoelaces in a "fasionable" way?

I did mine in my skate shoes a checkerboard. What you do is take one pair of laces and do straight laces, then with a different color lace weave that lace in the straight laced part. I've gotten tons of compliments on my shoes and I do not need to tie them, they just slip on.

16. Is this how you feel when you stop to tie your shoelaces, but you're friends just keep going?

Yes I've felt that way more then twice:)

17. How do I shorten the ends of my shoelaces?

i would probably cut the ends and then tape them so they do not come apart not the prettiest thing to do but its something

18. Black or white shoelaces? (image included)?

white, but scruff them up a big first. The laces, not the shoes! Or you could go all Run DMC and pull the shoelaces out completely... but the black do not look as contrast

19. Does the store Clarks Originals sell shoelaces separately?

I think so: go and ask! :)Does the store Clarks Originals sell shoelaces separately?

20. What color shoelaces should i get?

Grey yellow or black look the best hope i helped and get best answer

21. Should i wash my shoelaces in the washing machine?

Sure , it wont hurt them, just dont put them in the dryer as the plastic tips will come off . Darla S

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