How Do I Shorten the Ends of My Shoelaces?

wrap them around your ankles until they are short enough to tie normally. unfortunately this will mean you have to tie your shoes every time you put them on, something i hate

How Do I Shorten the Ends of My Shoelaces? 1

1. a 32 year old man has trouble tying his shoelaces,writing,and walking in a straight line. A computer

Im going to go cerebellum...wats this about?

2. Black or white shoelaces? (image included)?

i would go with black - the white ones look like an ace bandage

How Do I Shorten the Ends of My Shoelaces? 2

3. How can I keep white shoelaces clean?

put them in a sink full of llike 3 parts water and 1 part bleach for a little bit every week or something. them throw them in the dryer to dry them off quick

4. Do flat shoelaces fit in the 2013 Nike Air Max 360s?

you may try them if you do not have a choice, but may be these laces wo not match the show style in my opinion

5. should i use black or white shoelaces?

definitly black

6. Temporary way to remedy untied shoelaces

The solution to this is to simply tie the laces properly in the first place, with a real shoelace knot:That you describe laces coming undone sounds like a typical problem of users tying so-called "granny knots": both parts of a regular knot tied in the same direction leading to an asymmetrical knot that slips easily. It is often characterised by the loops not hanging to both sides equally but having a tendency of one going to the top and one to the front of the shoe.With a small variation in tying you can achieve much better grip and a neater appearance of your laces: just tie the first loop in the opposite direction you were used to tie them.This is explained wonderfully at Ian Fieggen's knot site, devoted to shoelaces: If you then double that again with a double knot, now again in the opposite direction from the second (the finishing) knot, it will be quite unlikely that your laces come untied in the first place.Not recommended: If you insist on a very temporary solution, that only prevents stepping on the laces, just tuck them into your shoes. They will slip out again, in quite a short time if you continue walking and of course your shoes will not fir tight anymore.

7. What makes shoelaces so special?

Aglets, shoelaces being easy to find and in the right lengths, the smooth exterior and if you have the right kind, the ease of tying and staying in their knots.As a hobby knot tyer, (and member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers) I use mountain boot laces to try out the knots I am working with, rather than paracord.On the other hand, I know enough people who make their own laces out of cord of the right size and with a smooth enough surface for the shoes they are used in. Reasons to make their own: Longer lasting laces. Needing non standard lengths. Needing non standard diameter laces. Needing two different lengths due to having an insole or two very different feet. Wanting a colour or design which is not available in their (local) shops.As long as the ends are finished in a way that works, they are happy with their laces, often so happy that they never go back to shop bought ones.While I do agree with using other readily available string and might do it one time, I do not think braiding your own is useful. See my answer here on Arts and Crafts Stack Exchange.One 'knot' that is very useful for making (temporary) shoe laces out of other string is the whipping to finish the ends. Here the Common Whipping on the animated knots site (others are available.)(The site I linked to in the first word of this answer is that of Ian Fieggen, who has a great site about shoe laces, their knots and whatever else you may need to know about them.)

8. How do I get my cat to stop chewing on my shoelaces?

Hi, I have a pup before, he also keeps on chewing my shoelace, and if he's not that happy yet, he will eat some part of the shoe. I thought of spreading a minced red hot chilli pepper on the lace and some parts of the shoes. (only a little rub so he still can still tolerate) He went on circles and swoosh all his head to his water bowl. After that, even if you push the shoe near him, he would get away. Now he's a big dog and still very cute. Good luck!

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