Bath Towel Is Used for a Long Time Can Become Slippery, How to Solve This Problem?

The bath towel in the guest room will appear after using for a period of time yellow, slippery, hard, bad taste and other symptoms, this is mainly because the bath towel in the guest room has been used many times, there is a lot of sugar and fat, has produced a lot of bacteria. When such bath towel is used, it will bring cross-infection to the body skin and thus cause skin diseases. Here Guest Room Bath Towel expert Gansu Rongjiang strongly recommends you friends, bath towel becomes greasy just throw it away, in addition to teach you some towel to prevent the growth of bacteria tips.

Tip 1: Lather the towel with soap, then add boiling water and let it soak for half an hour. At this point, you will find the water is very slippery. This is the inside of the sweat stains and oil stains come out, and then rub hard, rub and then change the water and then hit the soap rub a few times, and then wash with clean water can dry, then the bath towel becomes soft and white.

Put the vinegar in a 1:4 solution, pay attention to the water is not too much, as long as over the bath towel on the line, and then soak for 5-10 minutes, and then take out the bath towel rub, rub and then clean with clean water can be, this also can make the bath towel that changes slippery, yellowing becomes to have white and soft in an instant.

Since the bath towel is often used and the sweat on your face is wiped on it every time you wash your face, it is recommended that after each bath, you wash the towel with warm water and soap and dry it in a well ventilated place to keep it clean and dry, and suggest bath towel had better often change, this also is beneficial to health, when bath towel chooses to buy, want to choose the bath towel that buys regular manufacturer to produce

Ordinary bath towel, you can add the right amount of salt, wash the towel will be more soft, and salt than fabric softener is harmless to the body, can be used frequently, wash bath towel without too much water, can not pass the towel on the line.

Bath Towel Is Used for a Long Time Can Become Slippery, How to Solve This Problem? 1

Is it okay to wash bath towels with clothes?

if it's a matter of necessity, then yes If you have the option, do not . sheets & towel can go together, clothes of similar colors can go together, and panties, socks, and bras should be washed together

Why do people wash bath towels?

Because thay get dirty and thay moled and then thay stink!

Bath Towel Is Used for a Long Time Can Become Slippery, How to Solve This Problem? 2

Bath towels keep losing their color in blotches....?

I noticed the same thing would happen after I wipe my face on the towel when I brush my teeth, I guess the toothpaste was extra whitening! It's probably because the dyes in the towels can not hold up the the extreme cases of water! lol... everything these days has lost quality...

Anyone know anything about velour/terry blend bath towels?

They are great, but you have to wash them a few times before you use them. For some reason, they leave a lot more lint than other towels do and it tends to stick to wet skin. I think it took me 3 times of washing them before they were lint free. Another hint, use vinegar in the rinse water, it makes them extra soft without affecting their absorbency like fabric softeners do

Can I wash my white socks with my bath towels?

my wife does it all the time

Where can I find HUGE bath towels?

christy towels - they are also good quality ikea soz i do not know much about towels

What can I wash with my bath towels?

I do mine with jeans or underwear. most of the colors shouldnt run so its usually ok

How often do you wash your sheets and bath towels?

I prefer to wash my sheets every week, and my towels after I use them once. However, most other people I know only wash their sheets once a month and use their towels a few times. It's probably better to not to wash your towels and sheets too frequently, they will last longer.

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