Women Only, What Would You Do If Your EX Turned into a Bath Towel?

oh look! a match: my *** and your face! then i would drop the towel in a puddle of urine

Women Only, What Would You Do If Your EX Turned into a Bath Towel? 1

1. I saw the face of jesus on my bath towel?

You bought Jesus brand bath towels?

2. How long do you use your bath towel before washing it?

I wash it after each use

Women Only, What Would You Do If Your EX Turned into a Bath Towel? 2

3. POLL: Do you wash your bath towel after each use...?

LOL I hang it up to dry

4. how often do you wash your bath towel?

i get a new one like every 4 showers or so

5. POLL- pick an asnwer-should someone use bath towel on the floor carpet?

I would grab any towel then throw it out when I am done

6. I haven't changed my sheets or bath towel in a decade, I freeze my plate and frying pan and have reused it without washing for 5 years now?

No. These things need to be washed. You may think you smell good but others surely do not. That towel will begin to mildew. Now the dish and frying pan is pretty smart. I just could not find that very healthy considering the amount of bacteria that lives in the freezer. My dad does that to save the flavor when he cooks steaks. And I would were swear you were him if it was not for the fact he does not know how to use the internet.

7. Am i wasteful for only using a bath towel once after a shower and not reusing it?

Yes I do think you are wasteful for using a towel everyday. I use a towel for showers maximum 3 times

8. Poll: Have you ever gone to the bathroom and.....?

use a curtain, bath towel or ( my fav.) cut the pockets out of your jeans

9. How do I keep my bath towel smelling fresh?

You probably do not have good ventilation where you are hanging it so the towel is not getting thoroughly dried out. If your bathroom has a window and it's not too cold outside, crack a window. It may be worthwhile to buy one or two more inexpensive towels: That way you do not have do as many laundries.

10. What's the design or color of your bath towel?

what a random question i have two personal ones the rest are just family ones i have a hot pink pinklily one and a plain which one with my nan embrodied and i have an aussie flag beach towel

11. How often should I wash my bath towel?

when it smells funky or gets stiff as a board its time too wash it

12. What would you do if your ex-partner turned into s bath towel?

use it as a mat to walk on when I got out of the shower

13. Would you give your bath towel to someone else at the gym?

I do not think it was your fault and it does not seem like you were rude either. Like sharing a towel is to be honest a little unhygienic but anyways. I think in both situations he would've gotten angry because if you said 'no, sorry" he would've been all "why, why can not i just borrow it for a second?", so he would've gotten mad over that but when you gave him the towel and said he could keep it, that made him mad too? Its kind of a weird situation, because it does not seem like there would've been a good ending to giving him the towel and not giving him the towel. I think you should just see how it goes the next time you bump into him at gym. It's really nothing to worry about, like I am sure that it will blow over.

14. How many day(s) do you use a bath towel?

every 9 months

15. Does your Husband use the same bath Towel over and over again.....?

Just a thought here but what exactly is your husband doing with that towel to get it dry and hard? B/c if he's just drying off after a shower it's not going to do that! And if you just leave the towels that long and you are the one on charge of laundry are you not as nasty as he is? Hmmmm....I wonder

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