tillys is good also try wetseal,target, payless and zumiez lol


1. How to keep my shoelaces wide?

double knot, but tie it just before you pull the lace all the way through, so the loop is much bigger

2. How do i wash my shoelaces so they can look like new?

I would soak them in bleach & soap with water...then wash them with your light colored wash in hot water


3. How do you tie shoelaces?

tuck it under the sole of your shoe

4. Can You Tell How Useful Are The 'Aglets' -- The Plastic Tips At The End Of Shoelaces?

What is a thimble?

5. Are shoelaces really strong enough to support a body (say 85kgs)?

Out of curiosity? What exactly are you planning to do?

6. Should i wash my shoelaces in the washing machine?

yea sure put the bleach on it i guess. and u can wash them. i think... yea im pretty sure u can just dont get any red or bright colored items in there!

7. what are those tip things on the ends of shoelaces called?

Close: The plastic or metal sleeves at the end of shoelaces are called Aglets (or "Aiglets")

8. My Converse have Ducky shoelaces What do yours Have : )?

wow i have not worn converse in years but my nike have m&m laces

9. What color shoelaces should i get?

umm blue

10. What are different ways to wear shoelaces?

checkout Ian's shoelace Site, he has an extensive 37 shoe lacing tutorials with pictures. Lacing your shoes is an art form

11. How do I get my cat to stop chewing on my shoelaces?

try making the blind strings as short as accessible so as that kitty wo not be able to attain them. do not go away shoes laying round both. If any aspect like string, cord, etc receives wrapped round her intestines that is a severe priced and painful operation to get it bumped off. they actually have cat repellents that you will purchase at puppy shops. they have a real good smell and do paintings okay to discourage kitty from doing such issues as this. The repellent has for use each 24 hours tho in order to coach the cat to stay away. The fragrance wears off after 24 hours. in case you employ a twig bottle of water. be certain the nozzle is determined on flow and objective for the face. Cat's hate water, incredibly of their faces. Use a good, stern voice besides even as you are spraying kitty. i desire this recommend facilitates on your situation. good success!

12. Anyone remove shoelaces for biking? I've lost 4 shoelaces, no matter how well I tie them, and tuck them in.

Maybe the laces are too long, and you can try slip ons any brand whatever color you like, and you can wear them with your normal attire too. If you are older and do not like to wear slip-ons, then you should find shoes that are really confortable than have velcroe straps

13. GS: Do you know how to tie your own shoelaces?

I learned how to do that last year

14. What's the little plastic pieces at the end of shoelaces called?

aglet, plural aglets

15. can you make checkerboard shoelaces with converse?

i think so. it would look cool

16. Is wearing two different shoelaces ok?

haha its okay for your english it sound fine! and me and my bff do it! like her shoes are pink and white so one lace is pink and one is white. and mine are checkers so i do one white one black. if your shoes have 2 colors just do those laces colors. like the shoes might be white but have a lime green design then do a lime green lace on one shoe and the other with white(: like the logo might be different. and i would wear skater shoes. that u can just slip the shoe on with the laces tied in(: like umm vans, dc, and alot more. but i recommend dc and vans. (: wished i help(:

17. has somebody ever tied your shoelaces together?

No...but I have experienced my shoelace was tied at my other classmate's shoelace!

18. A 32yr old man has trouble tying his shoelaces, writing,and walking in a straight line. A computed tomographic

I will give you this answer....but just this time. Next time.....DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!!!! B.

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