How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Chewing on My Shoelaces?

Put some hot sauce on a old pair of shoes

How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Chewing on My Shoelaces? 1

1. GS: Do you know how to tie your own shoelaces?

I learned how to do that last year

2. How do you tie shoelaces?

tuck it under the sole of your shoe

How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Chewing on My Shoelaces? 2

3. Have you ever had shoes without shoelaces?

Adidas sandals *bbm thumbs up*

4. Black or white shoelaces? (image included)?

i would go with black - the white ones look like an ace bandage

5. English bulldog puppy chews on all shoelaces is there anything that can be done?! when he/she opens her mouth to start chewing,take d shoes away n quickly say 'No'. Repeat several times. Do not tempt d pup with d shoes then say 'No' as this causes confusion. Just stand by n watch n when d time is right quickly do what i've mentioned, n say d 'no' quickly as pups tend to forget what they've done just 2-3 secs ago.

6. are your kids learning how to use smartphones before they can tie their shoelaces?

Sadly my children will never be able to tie their own shoes because they are conjoined in such a way that keeps them from being able to reach their feet. However I do not know what a "smart phone" is we still walk three miles to the town square to place telephone calls

7. how do i tie my shoelaces in a "fasionable" way?

Well, you could get really long laces and bring them up from your shoes and stretch them up over your head and tie them in a bow. It may not be fashionable, but it would be interesting

8. Nice shoelaces for dress shoes?

they should be black in my opinion

9. Any source for Shimano shoelaces?

I've replaced my original round Shimano laces with flat laces, I found at my local shoe repair shop. I explained them, I need them for sports and they gave me special weather resistant laces. They last longer as the original laces.The round laces I found, loosened the knot too fast. And also did not last long enough. The flat laces keep the knot good, and do not make a big knot so they are comfortable

10. Shoelaces in a box. Pull until everything is in loops

Ok, Here is an explanation from the textbook:At the time when there are n unlooped pieces (so 2n ends), the probability of forming a new loop is: $$P(I_n = 1) = fracnbinom2n2=frac12n-1$$ The expected number of loops is: $$sum_n=1^100frac12n - 1$$Or using my indexes: $$P(L_i = 1)=frac(100 - i 1)binom2(100 - i 1)2$$

11. Can You Tell How Useful Are The 'Aglets' -- The Plastic Tips At The End Of Shoelaces?

Without the aglets, we would have a difficult time lacing our shoes, if we removed the laces for washing. Both aglets & thimbles are great inventions but there are many other inventions, far greater, like the commode for one

12. How to make Glow in the Dark Shoelaces?? (HELPPPPPP)?

They are super cheap at Walmart or Primark. I would just buy some and save myself the trouble!! : /

13. What is the modern day general consensus of a man born in the 1920s who will not bend down to tie his shoelaces in public but instead gets his secretary to do it for him?

Ahem, dangerous territory there captain ! Here take a look at - So Olivia Wilde just tied up Liam Neeson's shoes You can pretty much figure out the general consensus from this image and the public "reaction" to this.

14. What shoelaces do you think goes best with the Nike SB Dunk Low 720?

hey i got em too. dont stick with the orange laces. DONT. lol i have mine with white laces but what would really look sick is reef blue. the swoosh is already out there all bold with the pink and pink laces would be way over the top. those are my suggestions thought w/e u decide btw shutter shades...... no

15. at what age did you learn to tie your shoelaces by yourself?

i was around christmas i think all i know was that i was so proud of myself

16. Is this how you feel when you stop to tie your shoelaces, but you're friends just keep going?

Wow. Yes, but they do not leave me that often. When they do I do feel like that :(

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Most Frequently Asked Questions on Shoelaces
Considering that Shoelaces may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about Shoelaces for you to get started.1. How to hide my sperry like shoes shoelaces?tuck them into your shoes :)2. Can I leave the shoelaces on my shoes when I wash them?dont do that, soak them in bleach, if there white3. Whats a good way to clean my shoelaces?Yeah you can put them in the washer. If that are not flat when they come out, just iron them4. GS: Do you know how to tie your own shoelaces?No. I never learned how to read either5. How do I shorten the ends of my shoelaces?ERRR cut them??6. You know those little ends on shoelaces - the hard part that holds your shoelace together?floogelbinders. according to tom cruise in cocktail7. How do you lace double tongue shoelaces?i have same shoes =D just tie the white 1ns normally Then the black ones normally THats what i did XD8. What are the little plastic ends on shoelaces called?They are called aglets. I have posted a link to a cool site below9. Temporary way to remedy untied shoelacesThe solution to this is to simply tie the laces properly in the first place, with a real shoelace knot:That you describe laces coming undone sounds like a typical problem of users tying so-called "granny knots": both parts of a regular knot tied in the same direction leading to an asymmetrical knot that slips easily. It is often characterised by the loops not hanging to both sides equally but having a tendency of one going to the top and one to the front of the shoe.With a small variation in tying you can achieve much better grip and a neater appearance of your laces: just tie the first loop in the opposite direction you were used to tie them. This is explained wonderfully at Ian Fieggen's knot site, devoted to shoelaces:If you then double that again with a double knot, now again in the opposite direction from the second (the finishing) knot, it will be quite unlikely that your laces come untied in the first place.Not recommended: If you insist on a very temporary solution, that only prevents stepping on the laces, just tuck them into your shoes. They will slip out again, in quite a short time if you continue walking and of course your shoes will not fir tight anymore.10. ever used shoelaces or strings to tie a ponytail ?no and it sounds tacky11. Do you tie your shoelaces with a single or double knot?Hah! I do not tie shoelaces at all. All of my shoes are laced with bungee laces or Hickies12. What color shoelaces go with these shoes?anything bright! lime green, orange, red, bright blue... something to match with your shirt would be nice13. How do you clean shoelaces?Wash them in the bathroom sink. Let them soak in any clothes soap with a little bleach. Rinse well, hang to dry14. How do I get my cat to stop chewing on my shoelaces?Bitter Apple is the best15. How Can I Wash A Pair Of Shoes And Shoelaces?yes you can put them in the washer but do not put them in the dryer, they will need to air dry for a couple of day. When they are in the washer make sure it is on cold/cold and use no hot water it may cause certain parts of the shoe to shrink more thatn other parts of the shoe16. What are different ways to wear shoelaces?tie the bow at the bottom and and the ends of the bow have the business card for the organization17. Who invented the small plastic covering outside of shoelaces? And what is the plastic covering called?The small plastic or metal sheath on the end of shoelaces that keeps the twine from unraveling is called an aglet (or aiglet). An aglet or aiglet is the little plastic or metal cladding on the end of shoelaces that keeps the twine from unraveling. The word comes from the latin word acus which means needle. In times past, aglets were usually made of metal though some were glass or stone. Many were highly ornamental, and made of precious metals such as silver. Before the invention of buttons, they were used on the ends of ribbons to fasten clothing together. Sometimes they would be formed into small figures. Shakespeare calls this type of figure an "aglet baby" in The Taming of the Shrew. Purely decorative metal ornaments called aigullette are sometimes features of modern military dress uniforms. In modern times an aglet is frequently used as an example of a common object whose name is relatively unknown. Perhaps due to this, they are occasionally referenced in popular culture. According to the paranoid superhero The Question in Justice League Unlimited, their true purpose is sinister. According to characters from Achewood, aglets are a key ingredient in a drug called "Fool's Meth." The aglet is also mentioned in the 1988 movie, Cocktailwhere Tom Cruise's character called it a "flugelbinder". i found this on another answer credit goes to Dr. Brian
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