How Can I Keep White Shoelaces Clean?

Tie them. Aha, Jk kid. Take 'em out and put 'em in a washing machine with bleach

How Can I Keep White Shoelaces Clean? 1

1. What is a good "green" alternative to yarn, stitching, lacing, shoelaces, etc.?

You can make threads, yarns etc out of certain plants like cotton or flax or even animal hair.(horse hair when woven/braided makes strong and beautiful laces, hat bands , belts etc, and you can get that right from a living animal and it will not hurt him.) also animal hides that have been tanned make very strong laces and stitching materials. From plants you can also make the dyes to color these items..simply by boiling some of them.. All of these are green examples..the native americans lived very green,,, using only what they needed. they used only what animals they needed for food and clothing and let the rest live to reproduce. . when they collected plants for food, clothing, medicines, and dyes,.they saved and planted the renew their supplies. Everything they used or made was eco-friendly , renewable and did not pollute the earth . The above examples are just a few but beware . . to make and do most of these is very time consuming ,, that is why man invented the ungreen factories.. to cut down on production time and make more money,,,happy stitching... perhaps you can let us know what green alternatives you found and show what you made with them. .HAPPY STITCHING.

2. How do you tie shoelaces?

the best way to it is when you lace the shoes lace it so that the last hole (being the one on top) that the lace goes inside the shoe then just tie the laces like normal and they will be behind the tongue of the shoe

How Can I Keep White Shoelaces Clean? 2

3. Who invented the small plastic covering outside of shoelaces? And what is the plastic covering called?

Yes, it is called an aglet. I have no idea who invented it

4. Who invented the small plastic covering outside of shoelaces? And what is the plastic covering called?

can not believe you thought to ask that

5. What's the little plastic pieces at the end of shoelaces called?

aglet, plural aglets

6. How do I get my cat to stop chewing on my shoelaces?

Spray the shoelaces with a cat repellent. It can be purchased at a pet store. They wo not go near it for a loooong time. It smells fine to a human but cats hate it! Good luck!

7. where can i find chocolate skateboard shoelaces?

Just a pair of shoelaces. Does not really matter. More so if he skates

8. at what age did you learn to tie your shoelaces by yourself?

I think I was 5. I remember that day, I hid behind the couch until I figured out how to do it. GAGA FOREVER

9. How do you clean shoelaces?

I would actually hand wash them in the sink in really warm water with dish soap or a little bit of real detergent

10. GS: Do you know how to tie your own shoelaces?

I know how but I do not bother. I just tuck my shoelaces inside my trainers because I think it looks neater. I learnt when I was about 8 and it took me a very long time

11. can you make checkerboard shoelaces with converse?

That would be AWESOME! You can buy checkerboard shoelaces at almost any shoe store. One of my friends has purple converse and wears checkerboard laces and they look better than the white laces!

12. What shoelaces do you think goes best with the Nike SB Dunk Low 720?

neon green or light pink would look sick

13. Is wearing two different shoelaces ok?

black shoes,the lace colors keep changing,lol but yea i wear diff. colored shoelaces for both shoes.

14. how do YOU do up your shoelaces?

its hard to explan it on this look it up on

15. what is the end tip of the shoelaces called?

its called an aglet

16. Should I wear socks with my new Converse slip ons that have no shoelaces or should I go sockless?

I suggest the really short socks that no one can actually see

17. If we take all the shoelaces ever made and tie them together will their length be enough to reach Mars?

I guess the first question to ask is when did you want to try this? The distance between the Earth and Mars varies greatly depending upon where the two planets are in their orbits. If they are aligned with both on the same side of the sun, the distance is about 60 million km. When aligned on opposite sides of the sun, the distance is around 400 million km. Since, right now, we happen to be our closest to Mars, let's go with the 60 million km distance and see what happens... (and let's pretend that we can tie them together without any loss in the length -- so two one-meter laces tied together makes a two-meter length)A typical athletic shoe lace is about one meter long. Some boot laces are much longer; some dress shoe laces are shorter -- but let's just consider one meter long laces. In the history of making these laces, is it reasonable to expect that 60,000 million have been made? That is, after all, only 30,000 million pairs of shoes. Do you think we've made 30 billion pairs of shoes?Suppose we broaden our definition of "shoe lace" to include all of the various laces and narrow straps, ribbons, sinew, etc that have been used to hold footwear in place throughout history?I am leaning towards a yes answer here, but only since we are at our closest to Mars. But do it quick -- Mars is moving further away every day!If we take all the shoelaces ever made and tie them together will their length be enough to reach Mars?If we take all the shoelaces ever made and tie them together will thier length be enough to reach Mars?.

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