Does Having Red Shoelaces Make Me Look Racist?

Back in the day in the UK, white was National Front and red British movement

Does Having Red Shoelaces Make Me Look Racist? 1

1. are your kids learning how to use smartphones before they can tie their shoelaces?

Yes. My youngest is not yet two and she says "I want iPad" or " I want iPhone" all the time so she can watch Dora or play Monkey Preschool

2. a 32 year old man has trouble tying his shoelaces,writing,and walking in a straight line. A computer

Im going to go cerebellum...wats this about?

Does Having Red Shoelaces Make Me Look Racist? 2

3. Would blue shoelaces on converse look good?

YEAH! That would look goooooood

4. Best way to make my shoelaces white again?

i would say use one of those clorox bleach pens for touch-up spots, or just soak them in bleach. If you dont want to go through that much effort u could always just buy new ones cheap at walmart ( :

5. Where can I buy shoelaces in store?

umm.. even if your a boy go into Rubarb or claires they normally have loads to chose from!! hope i helped :D

6. Black or white shoelaces? (image included)?

one black one white....I did that one time it looked sweet

7. What kind of spirit is responsible for untying my shoelaces?

The supernatural is not something to laugh at. I would LAUGH if a demon haunted you and your house one day

8. How do I get my cat to stop chewing on my shoelaces?

keep your shoes in a place which it cant reach or get to

9. What color shoelaces should i get?

Personally, I think the white looks best. The only other colour that would not look ridiculous on shoes of that colour would be black

10. Any source for Shimano shoelaces?

I use flat laces for my shimanos - they never come undone and they were about 3 at Clark's shoe shop:-)

11. How do you tie your shoelaces?

Bunny Ears!!!

12. Who invented shoelaces and how to tie them?

Velcro is a god send when children do not know how to tie their own shoelaces. When you've tied a childs wet shoelace on a sunny, dry day you really learn to appreciate velcro! Just think about where those laces have been!

13. You know those little ends on shoelaces - the hard part that holds your shoelace together?

It's called an aglet: An aglet or aiglet is the little plastic or metal cladding on the end of shoelaces (or any type of lace, though shoelaces are the most commonly referenced) that keeps the twine from unraveling. The word "aglet" (or "aiglet") comes from Old French "aguillette" (or "aiguillette"), which is the diminutive of "aguille" (or "aiguilee"), meaning "needle". This in turn comes from the original Latin word for needle: "acus". In times past, aglets were usually made of metal though some were glass or stone. Many were highly ornamental, and made of precious metals such as silver. Before the invention of buttons, they were used on the ends of ribbons to fasten clothing together. Sometimes they would be formed into small figures. Shakespeare calls this type of figure an "aglet baby" in The Taming of the Shrew. Purely decorative metal ornaments called aiguillette are sometimes features of modern military dress uniforms. In modern times an aglet is frequently used as an example of a common object whose name is relatively unknown. Perhaps due to this, they are occasionally referenced in popular culture. According to the paranoid superhero The Question in Justice League Unlimited, their true purpose is sinister. According to characters from Achewood, aglets are a key ingredient in a drug called "Fool's Meth." The aglet is also mentioned in the 1988 movie, Cocktail where Tom Cruise's character called it a "flugelbinder". Also there was great mention of it in the move "Repossesed" starring Linda Blair and Leslie Neilson.

14. What can you do with a pair of shoelaces?

tie my kids hands behind their backs

15. What color shoelaces go with these shoes?

You could try a baby blue color :)

16. Do you tie your shoelaces with a single or double knot?

Hah! I do not tie shoelaces at all. All of my shoes are laced with bungee laces or Hickies

17. Are shoelaces really strong enough to support a body (say 85kgs)?

Out of curiosity? What exactly are you planning to do?

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How Do I Clean White Shoelaces on White Shoes Without Removing the Laces?
Why would you NOT want to remove shoelaces when you clean them? That's THE ONLY WAY TO GET them 100% cleaned. You can wash them with a bar of soap, with your hands, the same way you wash a DISH CLOTH. Or stick them in the washing machine along with the whites in your laundry.1. What is a good "green" alternative to yarn, stitching, lacing, shoelaces, etc.?RIBBON2. How do you teach your kids to tie their own shoelaces?my dad used an old shoebox and ran laces through it like it was a gigantic shoe. then we could take it with us from room to room and practice on it. when we got the hang of it, we graduated to actually working on our own shoes.3. A 32yr old man has trouble tying his shoelaces, writing,and walking in a straight line. A computed tomographicis not it relative? If i am donning general footwear, it takes below 10 seconds without me having to speed. If i am donning activities footwear, extraordinarily whilst i comprehend that I could spend a minimum of a few hours interior the sphere, it takes time - very nearly a minute, may well be. And, of course, i am going to recheck if I tied it precise and tight. it rather is going to take a pair of seconds extra. does not it sound logical?4. Why does every pair of new shoes have shoelaces that are too long?You did not ask how to tie shoes, you asked if EVERY pair of new shoes have shoelaces to long. The correct answer to that question is NO! Loafers and other slipons without laces -- do not have laces that are too long--they have no laces.5. How do you clean shoelaces?Wash them in the bathroom sink. Let them soak in any clothes soap with a little bleach. Rinse well, hang to dry6. Is wearing two different shoelaces ok?i would go with no, just because of the shoe color. i usually wear my multi color or black shoes with two different color laces7. should i use black or white shoelaces?definitly black8. what is the end tip of the shoelaces called?The plastic or metal sleeves at the end of shoelaces are called "aglets" (or "aiglets"). Besides making an interesting trivia or crossword puzzle question, aglets have several functions: They prevent the lace ends from fraying, they make the laces easier to hold, and they make them easier to pass through the eyelets9. Are shoelaces replaceable by more usable alternatives? If so why are they still so common?The oldest leather shoe ever discovered (known as the Areni-1 shoe) dates back to 3500 BC. It features leather laces as the method of tightening.As you mention, today there are alternatives for people who have trouble with laces. Synthetic materials that make today's alternatives possible (e.g. Velcro, elastic, plastic) were obviously not available, but leather and plant materials were plentiful. Provided with these materials, I do not think I could imagine a better way to keep a shoe on. Additionally, laces are cheap, reliable, easily produced, and easily replaced10. How can I clean my shoelaces?Well, if bleach does not work, then you may have to buy new laces im afraid11. How can I braid my own shoelaces?The name and way of making The English word shoelace is a bit old fashioned, from the time strips of leather were used, which are still called lace in the knotting world. Most shoelaces are braided these days. The American shoestring is more appropriate, as long as you take braided string. Modern shoelaces are braided, in the round, around a core for the round ones and without a core for the flat ones. Braiding by hand Here (my own site, not commercial) you find instructions how to braid with 8 strands, in the round.This is not the only site online with those instructions. If you want different ones, (or if the site is down) you can google for instructions. As a beginner braider you will likely not be able to braid that many strands out of the hand, even as an experienced braider I have to work up to it. If you want to work up to it, here you find several easier braids with which to work up to it. Machines do not use just 8 strands, 16 strands are more likely, often 16 groups of two or more strands.Using tools If you want to braid 'proper' shoe laces by hand, you may want to look into working on a disk. The disks are available under the name of Kumihimo disks. 'Proper' Kumihimo is done on a wooden frame in the shape of a stool. This wikipedia page has a good photo of a traditional set-up as well as a good basic description of what the different items are. And even with kumihimo disks or frames you will have to work up to a braid as intricate as shoelaces. Braiding on a kumihimo frame by a young boy. Photos cropped to protect anonimity.Photos by Willeke, free to use for all. Making it fat and round Whatever way you shape the braid, for the fat round laces you will also have to learn to braid around a core. This is a string of the right diameter or, more often used in commercial braids, a bunch of thin string that are kept together at the top of the braid and often suspended above or below for you to braid around. In the photos there would be a set of strands suspended above the frame and allowed to drop into the braid at the same speed as braiding. With a braiding disk you would hold the strands and move them around as you are braiding.And with hand-held braids you would tie the core with the outer layer to your fixed point and braid around them. In the first link I give the core is mentioned in the instructions and is part of the pictures. Weaving Braiding with this many strands is closely related to weaving, the resulting string is a weave, but in the round with the strands on the diagonal. If you would twist a series of strands around a tube, spiralling one way, you would be able to weave the other spiral in, by going over one, under one, all the way. It will be hard to get it tight and neath and you would likely have to tighten the weave later. The core would go through or instead of the tube.Having done the kind of work, I have to say that learning to braid is much easier. Aglets, the hard bits at the ends For are al' shoelaces you also need to add aglets, I direct you to the site of Ian Fieggen to find out how to make them. Would I do it I would not make my own shoelaces, even though I have the knowledge and skills. Laces in the shops are relatively cheap, durable and available in many different variations and designs. Making your own is going to be a lot of work, likely to result in lower quality and lower durability.In fact, it is the other way around, I use commercially made shoelaces to train myself in braiding, they are very handy for that. Come in many nice colours and have aglets, the hard bits at the end that protect the ends and aid in feeding through strands to test the weaves. How do I know I am a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers, whom do include braiding as part of our field of interest. My personal interest in braiding goes back at least 40 years, likely longer. There is also an international organization for braiders, the Braid Society I am not a member but I do know several people who are. PS, while I do not make my own shoe laces, I know people who make their own out of commercial string, see my answer on The Great Outdoors.
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How Do I Clean White Shoelaces on White Shoes Without Removing the Laces?
100 Shoelaces, Pick 2 Random Ends and Tie Them Together, What Is the Probability That a Loop Is Crea
Do You Tie Your Shoelaces with a Single Or Double Knot?
How Do You Tie Your Shoelaces Like This?
How Do You Clean Shoelaces?
How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Chewing on My Shoelaces?
Is This How You Feel When You Stop to Tie Your Shoelaces, but You're Friends Just Keep Going?
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