Best Way to Make My Shoelaces White Again?

buy new ones DUH

Best Way to Make My Shoelaces White Again? 1

1. What is a good "green" alternative to yarn, stitching, lacing, shoelaces, etc.?

You sound like a budding scientist. I say this as a compliment. I also think you will find the answer to your question sooner or later. I commend you for your efforts

2. How to tie Vans shoes shoelaces under the tongue?

How To Tie Vans Shoelaces

Best Way to Make My Shoelaces White Again? 2

3. What are the little plastic ends on shoelaces called?

it is called "aglets" or "aiglets"

4. Do you tie your shoelaces with a single or double knot?

When I wore lace-ups it was a single knot

5. How to pick a trekking/hiking shoelaces?

From my personal experience, this is what I can tell:Note: I had tried to tie the laces around my ankles to reduce the free length after the knot. This is not much comfortable for me. I know many who tie up around their ankles though

6. When I lace my shoelaces the display way, but then, what should I do at the top?

Display Shoe Lacing

7. What's the little plastic pieces at the end of shoelaces called?

finished off at both ends with stiff sections, known as aglets

8. Temporary way to remedy untied shoelaces

Consider replacing your short, thick, inflexible leather laces with a brown acrylic corded version of some greater lengthThe most common way for longer shoelaces to come undone is for one of the non-loop ends to catch on something or be stepped on by the other foot. The best technique I've found for avoiding this occurrence is to tie the shoelace knot as normal then either:There are other techniques for preventing the knots coming undone:

9. GS: Do you know how to tie your own shoelaces?

That is why I walk on bare feet. Even outside. I can never get it right. Once I tied my shoelaces in a way that I could not untie it and I had to wear the same shoes till they completely fell apart. Oh 2007-2009 were rough years for me. The smell.. And it was so uncomfortable. Never again. Better bare feet. BQ: Well, yeah. Duhhh.

10. If i ride a tricyle up hill while eating a bagel and doing a handstand, how many shoelaces will i need...?

my balls hurt but I still like peanut butter

11. extra shoelaces, what do I do with them?

Tie pig tails with them :) You can make a modern headband you see all the scenesters wearing with it by tieing it around twice and knotting it at the back :) Bracelet! :) Streamers!! :) Tie them to zippers on your backpack!! :) lolz.


You could try throwing them in the washer with your whites, and using bleach?

13. Black or white shoelaces? (image included)?

You already asked this question, anyways I will say my answer again. I think white would look better, it gives the shoe more "style"

14. Should I wear socks with my new Converse slip ons that have no shoelaces or should I go sockless?

I like sockless better if they have no laces

15. a 32 year old man has trouble tying his shoelaces,writing,and walking in a straight line. A computer

Cerebrum - difficulty to do voluntary actions. Balance and co-ordination affected

16. How do you tie your shoelaces?

I take them out of my shoes and use duct tape instead

17. How do I prevent silk shoelaces from being undone? ?

you can always double knot it, and since its silk it wont be that hard to undo them afterwards

18. should i use black or white shoelaces?

one of each! lots of my guy friends do thaat(:

19. What kind of spirit is responsible for untying my shoelaces?

The kind of spirit that do not like you

20. My dog keeps biting my pants, shoes and shoelaces. How do I stop him to do this?

Do not play tug-of-war with a dog unless you are 100% positive that you can win. Do play with him. Bring the dog inside, as no dog deserves to be isolated in the backyard away from their pack. As far as the biting on clothing, tell the dog NO and maybe give a leash correction.

21. Is this how you feel when you stop to tie your shoelaces, but you're friends just keep going?

Yes I've felt that way more then twice:)

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