A Smart Sneaker That Can Tie Its Own Shoelaces

"Wearable device" was a hot word in the technology circle a few years ago. The integration of sensors and chips is becoming higher and higher, ranging from clothes and pants to rings and earrings. Chips are implanted one after another to access apps. Almost every line has an intelligent wearable device.

But the wind soon passed.

The wearable device prototypes born in the hands of these engineers may have superior functions, but they have terrible designs. Technology companies are desperate to package their technology products into fashion products, but in the end, no one wants to wear it.

However, I was impressed by the Nike adapt BB I saw from foreign media today.

Make traditional wear smart and not mentally retarded

Nike adapt BB is a smart shoe recently released by Nike. Its biggest highlight is that it does not require users to bend down and tie their shoelaces. At the same time, through the built-in sensor of the shoes, it can even automatically adjust the tightness according to the movement in real time.

However, adapt BB is not Nike's first attempt. In fact, the concept of "automatic shoelace" first appeared in the 1990 science fiction film "back to the future 2".

In the movie, the protagonist Marty McFly, who just crossed to 2015, found a pair of Nike MAG skateboarding shoes. At the moment Marty McFly stepped on the ground, the shoelaces were automatically tied and the tightness was automatically adjusted according to Marty McFly's feet.

Although the whole picture process takes less than 10 seconds, it is impressive.

In 2007, the design team led by air jordan designer Tinker Hatfield turned this pair of shoes that can automatically tie shoes from an idea into a reality, and officially released the real-world Nike MAG in October 2016.

However, although the concept of automatic shoelace is presented on Nike MAG, strictly speaking, it is not the first Nike shoe that can automatically lace.

In fact, while Tinker Hatfield developed the Nike MAG, Nike has applied for a technical patent for automatic lacing of shoes in 2010, and released the first Nike hyperadapt 1.0 shoe that can automatically tie shoes in the first half of 2016.

Hyperadapt 1.0 can not realize the automatic shoelace function without three key components: battery, motor and sensor.

Its principle is actually very simple. When users put on shoes, the pressure sensor will drive the motor, and the motor will tighten the shoelace to the most suitable foot shape.

At the same time, the sensor will also record and fine tune the tightness of the shoes according to the user's weight and walking center of gravity. With the increase of wearing times, the tightness of the shoes will become more appropriate.

When the Nike MAG was released in the second half of 2016, Nike added the "adaptive fit" adaptive system based on the technology of hyperadapt 1.0.

The system can automatically adjust the tightness according to the user's action changes, further taking into account the sportsmen's wearing habits. For example, after strenuous exercise, too tight shoelaces will cause poor blood circulation. At this time, sneakers will automatically adjust the tightness of shoelaces to make them more comfortable.

Two years later, the design of the adapt BB is not as flashy as that of the Nike mag. on the contrary, its shape is more common than the current fashion products of Nike. If not, no one may know that it is a $350 sneaker.

But in this seemingly mundane look, Nike has assembled the following components in this pair of shoes:


Electric motor


Bluetooth module

Pressure sensor

Temperature sensor

Micro controller

Wireless charging coil

Battery capacity 505mah

The principle of adaptive BB to realize automatic shoelace is basically the same as that of hyperadapt 1.0. It sends commands to the electric motor through pressure sensing, and then adjusts the tightness of shoelaces.

However, this time, the adapt BB uses a highly integrated driver module, which is like the CPU on the smartphone and sends control instructions to the sneakers. Compared with the chaotic sole sensor on hyperadapt 1.0, the new engine module is a leap forward for Nike.

Why is driving modularity a leap forward for Nike?

Previously, the design used in hyperadapt 1.0 was too complex to facilitate mass production. At the same time, it would also affect the reliability of sneakers.

After the modular design is replaced this time, the mass production and maintainability of adapt BB have been greatly improved, making the shoes become the carrier of the driving core rather than an overall equipment. For maintenance, just take out the sole and "pull out" the driving module for replacement.

Of course, in addition to automatically tying shoes, the Bluetooth module added to the driver module can also connect shoes and mobile phones, which is also one of the necessary functions of all smart wearable devices at present. However, unlike ordinary smart devices that only transmit data to mobile phones via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth function of adapt BB is used to "control".

After connecting the mobile phone, users can adjust the tightness of shoelaces through the mobile phone app. The app has preset three levels of exercise, warm-up and daily for users to choose. At the same time, it can also be fine tuned in the app according to personal preferences. At this time, the sensor will also record the user's preference settings, and the default preference settings will be automatically tied when wearing next time.

How wonderful is the process of tying shoes after wearing adapt BB? The editor of the verge used this paragraph to describe:

"Imagine that after wearing the adapt BB, it will slowly press the shoe wall close to your feet like a toy claw machine until it just fits."

More interestingly, while the shoes are tied automatically, the driver module will make some "strange" sounds to inform the user of the current remaining power.

Jordan rice, senior engineering director of Nike intelligent systems, told the verge that in fact, the driver module will have two kinds of sounds to inform users of the current power situation. If the power is higher than 20%, you will hear a fairly smooth electric motor sound; But if you hear a low voice, it's time to recharge your shoes.

When it comes to power, the drive module of each adapt BB is equipped with a 505mah battery, which can theoretically support a battery life of 10 14 days. The internally integrated coil allows the shoes to be wirelessly charged on a specific charging board.

However, Rice said that Nike would not sell the "charger" alone. A pair of shoes only go with a wireless charging blanket. Fortunately, it can take half a month to recharge once, otherwise it will be embarrassing to tie your shoes when you suddenly run out of power on a business trip.

However, compared with the charging problem, the safety of lithium battery is the most worrying place. After all, unlike mobile phones, sneakers are only held in hand. They also bear the pressure of users climbing mountains and rivers, running, jumping and kicking during sports.

In this regard, Nike is confident that they can ensure that the battery will not crack under the weight of a basketball player who is 6 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. Moreover, because the sneakers are sealed and waterproof, it also eliminates the possibility that water will seep into the inside of the sneakers in rainy days.

However, although Nike has made many improvements to adapt BB, it is still not a perfect product.

The verge editor still encountered the problem that the tightening function triggered failure when trying on. Occasionally, the sneakers did not react immediately after wearing them, and the laces were fastened.

On the other hand, the size of Nike's adapt BB is quite limited. At present, the smallest size is men's size 7, that is, women's Size 8.5. However, according to the data provided by the international women's Basketball Association to the verge, the shoe size of the smallest athlete is 6.5 for men, so adapt BB is not suitable for all female consumers.

A Smart Sneaker That Can Tie Its Own Shoelaces 1

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