100 Shoelaces, Pick 2 Random Ends and Tie Them Together, What Is the Probability That a Loop Is Crea

After picking the first end there are $199$ ends left to be picked as second. They have equal probability to be picked as second.Exactly one of them will result in a loop. So this event has probability $frac1199$.edit concerning your reasoning:If the end of some shoelace is labeled then there is a probability of $frac1200$ that this end is chosen as first and the probability that the other end is chosen as second is $frac1199$. As you say the order does not matter, so we arrive at probability $2timesfrac1200frac1199$ on a loop of the shoelace having the labeled end. That stands for the probability that a specific shoelace will be chosen (ending up in a loop). Here there are $100$ equiprobable candidates though

100 Shoelaces, Pick 2 Random Ends and Tie Them Together, What Is the Probability That a Loop Is Crea 1

1. How to tie Vans shoes shoelaces under the tongue?

I think you will have to take the whole lace out and re-tie them so both laces finish IN the shoe. Like you wo not be able to see the end, and you wo not have to tuck them in the shoe because they will be laying in the bottom. Then you literally push the laces to a comfortable part of the shoe for you :).

2. whats the plastic things on the ends of shoelaces called?

The small plastic or metal sheath on the end of shoelaces that keeps the twine from unraveling is called an aglet (or aiglet). An aglet or aiglet is the little plastic or metal cladding on the end of shoelaces that keeps the twine from unraveling. The word comes from the latin word acus which means needle. In times past, aglets were usually made of metal though some were glass or stone. Many were highly ornamental, and made of precious metals such as silver. Before the invention of buttons, they were used on the ends of ribbons to fasten clothing together. Sometimes they would be formed into small figures. Shakespeare calls this type of figure an "aglet baby" in The Taming of the Shrew. Purely decorative metal ornaments called aigullette are sometimes features of modern military dress uniforms. In modern times an aglet is frequently used as an example of a common object whose name is relatively unknown. Perhaps due to this, they are occasionally referenced in popular culture. According to the paranoid superhero The Question in Justice League Unlimited, their true purpose is sinister. According to characters from Achewood, aglets are a key ingredient in a drug called "Fool's Meth." The aglet is also mentioned in the 1988 movie, Cocktailwhere Tom Cruise's character called it a "flugelbinder".

100 Shoelaces, Pick 2 Random Ends and Tie Them Together, What Is the Probability That a Loop Is Crea 2

3. Any source for Shimano shoelaces?

I use flat laces for my shimanos - they never come undone and they were about 3 at Clark's shoe shop:-)

4. can you make checkerboard shoelaces with converse?

That would be AWESOME! You can buy checkerboard shoelaces at almost any shoe store. One of my friends has purple converse and wears checkerboard laces and they look better than the white laces!

5. Where to find lots of cool shoelaces?

urban outfitters has some cool ones

6. What color shoelaces go with these shoes?

Blue or red!(:

7. How do I get my cat to stop chewing on my shoelaces?

Pour hot sauce on a pair, throw them on the floor and I will be she quits

8. Are shoelaces replaceable by more usable alternatives? If so why are they still so common?

The oldest leather shoe ever discovered (known as the Areni-1 shoe) dates back to 3500 BC. It features leather laces as the method of tightening.As you mention, today there are alternatives for people who have trouble with laces. Synthetic materials that make today's alternatives possible (e.g. Velcro, elastic, plastic) were obviously not available, but leather and plant materials were plentiful. Provided with these materials, I do not think I could imagine a better way to keep a shoe on. Additionally, laces are cheap, reliable, easily produced, and easily replaced

9. How can I clean my shoelaces?

Well, if bleach does not work, then you may have to buy new laces im afraid

10. Have you ever got your shoelaces stuck in an escalator?

This afternoon at the Bentalls shopping centre in Kingston the end bit of my shoelace got stuck in the left corner of the step. When it reached the end it untied the lace and ripped it from the top eyelet of my shoe as I went to step off

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